email marketing concept两种数字营销“技术”经受住了时间的考验:电子邮件营销和搜索引擎营销。Since over a decade marketers get confronted with a multitude of new channels people use to interact with business.Even if today's customer is渠道不可知论,email marketing de facto remains a crucial element of most (digital) marketing mixes.

With each new generation of marketers joining the ranks of digital marketing,the quest for solid email marketing advice comes back.  In this guide,we offer an overview of email marketing today,what it can do and how it fits in an integrated marketing approach,with these new generations in mind but also to refresh the minds of marketers who have embraced email marketing since a long time and want to optimize their email marketing efforts.

This email marketing guide will continue to grow and is based on over 15 years of email marketing practice and numerous papers and blogs on email marketing we wrote since the end of the nineties for email marketing,marketing automationand marketing software vendors and experts.It also will contain all tips we published on our own email marketing blog,它现在在这里集成。

Email is powerful – it's the most ROI-efficient digital marketing channel because it's cost effective.它是选择的,so,in theory,the content is desired,and you know exactly whom you're talking to,what they want,当他们想要的时候。It's your best retention medium as well,and is a great closer.(迈克·科拉克在Integrated content marketing and the vwin免佣百家乐customer experience").


Let's start with a quick overview of the macro-evolutions regarding email marketing.The basic principles of good email marketing haven't changed that much.

What has changed are are the place and role of email marketing,从“一刀切”的转变,ad hoc campaign and "batch and blast" mentality,电子邮件营销服务提供商(ESPS)的平台,受欢迎的电子邮件客户端使用的“规则”和算法(对among others,inbox placement and the importance of engagement/relevance),消费者的行为(多渠道,omni-channel,channel-agnostic),新设备的出现,电子邮件被读取,the possibilities to test,integrate and optimize,在一些国家,还有立法。

What also changed is the way email marketing is used in an integrated marketing context,with the mentioned shift away from the batch and blast email marketing program to triggered and lifecycle-based email.如今,许多营销人员实际上使用营销自动化软件,但通常只有这些平台提供的电子邮件营销功能才能实际使用。Last,但并非最不重要(本概要并不详尽)。我们应该提到专注于数据驱动的营销(也是预测分析)。持续的个性化和优化工作/改进电子邮件营销的可能性,移动/响应式服务日益重要,电子邮件营销在connected customer's journeyand lifecycle.

Despite messages that email marketing is dead that we've been hearing for close to a decade now,事实上,电子邮件营销做得很好,非常感谢你。许多报告都显示了这一点,但只需查看您自己的收件箱。

Twitter,for instance,希望通过定期发送网络流行内容的更新或通过…电子邮件跟踪建议,将用户推送到其平台。The same goes for many other – if not all – social networks and social media platforms.你有你的通讯和电子邮件提醒,你已经注册,from blogs to mainstream media,RSS alerts regarding the topics you follow,您喜欢的品牌和零售商,you name it.这只是电子邮件营销冰山的一角:新闻通讯和促销。We haven't even covered confirmation emails,触发电子邮件和所有其他技术。

According to the ExactTarget salesforce 2014 State of Marketing Report most marketers believe email marketing is essential - click for full image
根据ExactTarget(Salesforce.com公司) 2014 State of Marketing Report most marketers still believe email marketing is essential–(单击可查看报告和完整图像)。注:ExactTarget从事营销自动化和电子邮件营销业务。

Email marketing and customer-centricity in the era of data-driven marketing

Email marketing continues to mature but also evolves in an age of channel integration,整合各种营销软件和面向客户的系统integrated marketing在客户的职能和更多方面-big- data.

Email service providers are adding more features to enable marketers to take advantage of all this data to make their email marketing more customer-oriented,个性化和简单的更好,in correlation with the preferences,intent,行为,history and often real-time interactions on other channels of customers.

In the end,customer-centricity and the徳赢真人娱乐 are probably the driving forces in most email marketing changes we've witnessed over the past 15 years.Truth be told: quite some email marketers have jumped on the big data(or better:smartactionable数据)改进以优化他们使用的回报和战术指标,称之为“客户体验优化”vwin免佣百家乐,但并不真正接受更面向客户和“不同”的服务,integrated approach around the customer,最后什么最vwin中国 efforts are about in a marketing context.

简单地说:一方面声称拥有面向客户和数据驱动的营销方法,另一方面真正找到客户价值和业务价值相辅相成的最佳位置,这两者之间存在差异,on the other hand.It's one of the risks of the data-driven marketing mantra and data obsession overall.It's also one of the risks of marketing automation if the vwin免佣百家乐customer experience,旅程,lifecycle and intent are not taking enough into account.

Nevertheless,the keywords will be data-driven marketing,automation,personalization (beyond email as such too),omni-channel,mobile,the overall customer journey,lifecycles and customer-centricity in 2015 (as well).智能企业还将以电子邮件以外的集成方式首先关注旅程和客户,as part of overall 徳赢真人娱乐digital transformation exercises in marketing,as previously mentioned.And when we say 徳赢真人娱乐digital transformation in a customer-facing context today,we de facto mainly talk about digital vwin免佣百家乐customer experiences,integration,mobile,data and so on.

电子邮件营销在许多营销目标中起着关键作用,例如 客户获取——来源:麦肯锡


Workflows in MailChimp - the move towards marketing automation
mailchimp中的工作流– the move towards marketing automation

Marketing automation software definitely has many benefits over email marketing software.But it depends on your individual context,资源,goals,capabilities and of course customers.

In recent years,我们看到越来越多的廉价电子邮件营销软件供应商提供基本的自动化功能,for instance regarding triggered emails based on segments.In 2014,MailChimp,for instance,added several of these non-traditional features,显示了市场营销自动化的日益重要。

The other way around,marketing automation software vendors with a more than decent set of features have entered the market at pricing levels that make them viable options for organizations that traditionally couldn't afford them.And then there is a bunch of marketing software from other categories that de facto comes with email marketing and sometimes even marketing automation features included.换言之:每个人都有自己的东西,线条模糊了。

However,功能仍然是目标的功能。许多企业刚刚起步,可以很好地利用电子邮件营销软件。If you can fulfil your goals and those of your customers and others in your company (for instance,regarding reporting requirements) and you haven't used all the functions your software offers,in connection with other platforms you use,marketing automation software is not a must,除非您当前方法的成本(也包括集成和/或花费在耗时任务上的时间等间接成本)远远超过您在寻求市场营销自动化解决方案时所能节省的成本,而且您确信自己拥有技能和资源。

在这方面,one of the most often forgotten resources is the proper content (in the sense of内容营销and in the sense of promotions and whatnot that your customers want).A lack of good (relevant) and timely content is one of the key reasons why email marketing and marketing automation fail.不仅仅是按下按钮,it's also about people and processes (content,planning,productions,testing,taking into account direct and indirect subscriber input systematically,etc.).

Knowing when email marketing works: the integrated challenges

How do you if your email marketing program works?Many marketers will still predominantly look at direct response metrics.They will focus on parameters such as open rates,click-through rates,等。

While all of these metrics matter,in a more integrated and realistic view they are not enough.Email marketing works when it fits what customers and other "recipients" (people) want.That can show in direct metrics,在退订,也在参数超出实际电子邮件营销计划。It's important to realize email marketing has (and always had) a branding impact,例如。Simple example: if you are registered to a promotions newsletter of a retailer,you might buy a promoted product in an offline shop of that retailer when the time to do so has come.

The other way around,诸如点击甚至下载之类的指标不一定表示您对业务或产品的兴趣。We still all too often get telephone calls by sales reps,contacting us because we downloaded one of their papers.当有人下载论文时,他对那家报纸感兴趣。为了衡量他们的实际兴趣,你需要了解更多,one of the reasons many use marketing automation and lead nurturing techniques nowadays.The multi-channel,cross-channel,omni-channel and channel-agnostic reality makes this challenge of knowing when email marketing works even bigger.Therefore,重要的是要整合并更好地了解客户的整体情况,并将重点放在多个接触点上。While this can be achieved using an email marketing software,connected with web analytics,CRM和一点人类智慧(过于依赖自动化会让你错过机会)。often other tools are required but most of all an attribution model and more holistic view can be smart,again revolving around the customer.

Last but not least,also look at the activity and hygiene of your "list" (more on reactivating inactive subscribers here)在基于生命周期的电子邮件营销方法中,考虑所有流程和生命周期触发元素的指标。

Email marketing for the channel-agnostic consumer

Businesses that want to get the most out of email marketing realize that the traditional approach is not enough to engage the channel-agnostic customer.

The result is that companies that use traditional email marketing solutions and methods are increasingly confronted with the limits of what they can achieve with their current solutions and marketing IT stacks.现在是时候建立一个新的模式和新的模式,从渠道和活动转向偏好和客户。A shift that has significant consequences for businesses that want to take their email programs and interactions to the next level,在战略上,planning,测量,integration and solution level.

The challenges in email marketing call for a different approach

As said,email marketing is not a stand-alone tactic.It is part of a broader integrated marketing strategy aimed at individual customers to achieve your goals.This applies to all interaction channels.Despite this obvious finding,marketers are often looking more at the media and channels than at the needs and preferences of the customer.However,it is not the channels that are important,but the customer (experience) and the created value.This does not mean that there is no more need for specialists in specific channels.Email,social,mobile etc.所有这些都需要不同的技能。由于电子邮件营销在不断发展,the need for specialists will even increase.However,the required skills will certainly include the ability to integrate email with other channels.

Some contextual changes affecting email marketing

The most important changes influencing the efficiency and position of email marketing (and other marketing techniques) are known:

  • 人们对通信和信息收集过程有更多的控制。
  • New channels offer additional interaction possibilities and strengthen the demand of people using them to engage in highly personalized dialogues.
  • There is a staggering increase in the number of advertising and marketing messages.
  • People trust company messages less and rely on their networks more frequently.
  • Internet is everywhere and new forms of access are taking the lead,比如手机。

The consequences of all these changes are among others,a drop in the conversion of many email marketing programs and a growing battle for a place in the inbox,一个越来越有价值的地方。

细分和个性化等技术帮助公司克服电子邮件过载。电子邮件订户不再被视为电子邮件地址,but people of flesh and blood that seek dialogue and pertinent information,leading to an increased need of timely and relevant content.

Businesses also try to optimize the frequency of their emails and integrate them with other channels.Even though all these activities are important,它们还不够。A fundamental review of the email process is needed.其中消息和渠道是与使用各种媒体和信息源的单个客户进行整体交互过程的次要因素。


Email marketing and the various techniques it encompasses can be used for virtually all marketing goals.In the same way you want to have a plan for other marketing tactics and your integrated marketing plan,you want to have a plan for your email marketing programs.

And here as well,knowing what you want to achieve (the business goals) and how to achieve it (essentially by meeting the goals of subscribers and doing better all the time),有两个问题要回答。All the rest is smart thinking,being close to your "audiences",continuously improving,tactics,过程和发现你的目标和客户的目标的神奇的甜蜜点。当然,除了电子邮件营销之外,还要根据你所获得的洞察力和想法采取行动。

Building,growing and engaging email lists: a human approach

Once you know what you want to achieve with your email marketing program and before being able to send any email,显然,您需要一个电子邮件(订户)列表。

许多组织仍然有一个孤立的电子邮件营销列表。其他人还是要开始。有些人有一个联系人名单,就是,among others,partially used for email marketing but goes beyond that.

No matter the context it's clear that active,clean and ideally segmented (sub)lists or list segments in a more traditional sense,are crucial.将您的联系人和列表视为人的社区,并确保您的目标和联系人所寻求的目标正确一致。以下是有关电子邮件列表的一些资源。

Email marketing alive and well - infographic by Uberflip
Email marketing alive and well – Uberflip提供的信息图表