As we move to the realization of more徳赢中国 implementations as part of an ongoing industrial transformation journey,协作机器人(cobot)的使用,它的设计目的是与人在一起工作,在其他中manufacturing,warehousing,物流andhealthcare,预计未来几年将以惊人的速度增长。

Cobots are predominantly used for repetitive tasks whereby intelligent support systems,使用合作机器人,协助工人。

Recent evolutions regarding both the technologies and the market contribute to this rapid growth.As an example: in April 2017,DHL announced a partnership with Locus Robotics.And it's not just in the factory or the warehouse.之前我们提到过vwin中国 医疗保健,有一个关键角色vwin免佣百家乐 and for robotics,including cobots.

在我们关于保健物联网we pointed to IDC data.The company expects a 50 percent increase of robots in hospitals for delivery purposes by 2019.还有更多,even in the consumer space (which we don't cover here).

Let's start with looking at what cobots really are,没有正式的定义,而是通过关注关键特征和一些实际案例。The idea of cobots nor the use of cobots is new.然而,usage and developments are accelerating faster than many believe and cobots play a big role in the development of Industry 4.0 and the工业物联网.

汉诺威展会2018industry fair,你会看到/听到更多关于他们的信息,看看供应商的公告,在2016年和2017年,他们已经无所不在汉诺威。

What is a collaborative robot or cobot and how is it different from existing industrial robots?

所以,what are cobots?As mentioned in the introduction,科博特是协作机器人。And the collaborative aspects mainly refers to the collaboration between robot and human.

There are plenty of use cases where this provides value,主要是在我们不能或不想完全自动化的操作中。以DHL与物流科博特专家轨迹机器人的合作为例,操作或任务是(协助)完成拣件订单。一般来说,COBOT主要用于重复性任务的测试和有效使用,使用COBOT的智能支持系统可帮助工人,而不是取代他。

这个协作方面显然是设计的关键,可能性,characteristics and evolutions of cobots.

使机器人以一种安全和有价值的方式与员工一起工作的各种挑战已经逐渐得到解决,我们正处于一个转折点,即不再有太多障碍来利用它们作为现实应用程序和市场演变和研究显示。正如我们关于robots and cobots in logistics (和DHL试点项目),IDC forecasts that already by 2018,a whopping 30 percent of all new deployments of robots will concern smart cobots that operate three times faster and are safe for work around humans.

Cobots versus classic industrial robots: characteristics

回到关于“cobots定义”的问题,最重要的是,the difference between cobots and traditional industrial robots.

2018年,近三分之一的新机器人部署速度快,“聪明”且久经考验,secure collaborative robots or cobots



重新思考机器人的Baxter和Sawyer Cobots-来源新闻稿
重新思考机器人的巴克斯特和索耶·科博茨- source PR

传统的工业机器人不是为与人合作而设计的。It's designed to complete a very specific pre-defined task without a need for collaboration within a physical workspace.

They aren't designed with human safety as a key priority (there are variations);they just need to do their task.Where industrial robots are used,you'll typically find safety measures and often they are fully caged and shielded from humans on the work floor,e.g.篱笆。



That has to do with the typical tasks of cobots,提到的安全协作方面,以及COBOT通常是移动的和/或可以轻松移动的事实,which is not the case with your average big industrial robot.


A cobot is smarter than a classic industrial robot.这并不意味着cobot更复杂,其他工业机器人也更简单。

它的意思是科博特有传感器,与物联网和/或特定系统(例如,warehouse management systems),视情况而定。为什么会这样?其中一个原因是科博特需要安全地帮助人类,而这些智能技术和传感器也需要这样做。(他们通常是有意识的,location-aware and context-aware).

If you think about the Industrial Internet of Things in a ‘traditional industrial robots' context,它更经常涉及用例,比如predictive maintenanceand the development of new service capabilities为客户as this case from ABB Robotics shows.

ABB的Yumi协作机器人- source PR

ABB制造商的“传统”工业机器人也有Cobot。Its ‘robotic co-worker',2015年汉诺威展会将Yumi®作为“未来愿景”推出。There are certainly ample of cobots out there for various use cases and from various other vendors (we mention some at the end of this article).然而,本页底部的yumi®信息图大致总结了cobot是如何设计的,以在人与智能cobot之间的协作中创造利益。自“发射”以来,cobot YuMi is being deployed in several business pilot cases and a next generation cobot by ABB,called Roberta,has been announced and showed.

Simpler: ease of use and beyond




In a next article we look at why the cobot market is poised to boom in 2017 and beyond and more aspects of cobots which you might want to know.它们包括几个市场演变,其中DHL的倡议是一个相当重要的标志。


Note that on top of these predominantly industrial cobot players,在工业较少的市场中,有很多供应商,因为cobot确实与这些市场有关,甚至包括消费市场。

此外,越来越多的工业巨头正在向科博特空间进军。But that's for another article.

In the meantime and to conclude,下面是ABB承诺的Yumi信息图,它以更直观的方式展示了ABB协作机器人和Cobot的一些特性。

由ABB提供的Yumi信息图显示了协作机器人的关键特征,以及Cobot的优点和特点。 PDF格式的完整版本

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