IT and OT convergence – two worlds converging in Industrial IoT

Industrial Internet of Things早在2011年,Gartner就建议(IT)领导者为其组织向融合过渡做好准备,aligning and integrating of IT and OT environments.

今天它是徳赢中国 ,工业互联网,网络物理系统和区域和市场的演变,如建筑管理系统,smart metering and临界功率。

In fact it's one of the essences of thevwin免佣百家乐 (尽管IT和OT融合更早,当然是在刚才提到的一些领域)。然而,物联网的发展速度更快,规模更广加特纳的话become more actual than ever.In case you're not familiar with the – by now – ‘good old' IT versus OT debate: IT is what you think it is.信息技术或企业IT团队,led by a CIO.OT is operational technology as we'll see but it's in the mix of both that interesting things happen.在前面提到的市场中,IT和OT集成是:例如,key in物联网时代的建筑管理.

Convergence of IT and OT is about systems,standards and a new way of thinking

As you probably know the role of IT and of the CIO has been changing for quite some years now(讨论多种形式的IT,如Gartner所称的双峰IT,以及IT主管的业务角色),其中一个原因是,除IT部门外,其他部门的IT支出显著增加。.

IT and OT: a distinction that decreasingly is one

OT has nothing to do with all that but it does add to the discussions on the (future) role of the CIO and IT.OT代表操作技术。正如这个词所说,这是你用来经营业务的所有技术,传统上很少涉及IT。在实践中,我们主要讨论IT和OT在Industrial Internet of Things,工业4.0以及公用事业,制造业,等。

Think about all those high-tech machines on the factory floor,你的卡车车队以及任何有四个或四个以上轮子,用于高技术目的的车辆,drills,工业机器人(其中IT和OT的集成是机器人物联网),任何与您的(运营)业务和工业活动和资产相关的内容。

The convergence of IT and OT in IoT has been going on for a while and there isn't a strict division between them in the real world.



仍然,在某些领域,这种区别是显而易见的。You won't quickly see an IT worker repair a high-tech oil drill and,the other way around,你不会看到一个工程师负责组装汽车的技术,参加一个会议,讨论如何使用预测分析来保护企业网络免受网络威胁。But,as said,the lines between both do blur and the Internet of Things is no stranger to that evolution.

How the Internet of Things brings IT and OT together

你现在可以想象为什么整个关于“IT与OT”的辩论,更正确,它和OT的融合,主要在特定行业和业务职能部门举办,与Industrial Internet(或工业4.0)参与度最高。

我们已经提到了一些行业(制造业,utilities with,除了其他智能电网),但也认为物流,smart buildings (facility management)andmining,举几个例子。

When looking for an image and as way of an example we found this 2014blog post,infographic西门子在公用事业领域的研究发现,成本和互操作性是IT和OT融合的最大挑战,但为了获得先进计量和智能电网系统的好处,需要将IT和OT从各自的传统筒仓中分离出来。

公用事业中的IT和OT- 来源:信息图表-研究西门子

现在,how does the Internet of Things come into the picture?在岗位上,论DX经济的到来,we looked at some predictions by IDC for 2016 and beyond(除了那个dx或vwin中国 经济)。

By 2019,35% of Large Global Manufacturers with Smart Manufacturing Initiatives Will Integrate IT and OT Systems to Achieve Advantages in Efficiency and Response Time (IDC)

在“DX最肥沃的地区”中,正如IDC所说,将是物联网。这可能并不奇怪。如上所述,事实上,今天的物联网主要发生在工业环境中,Industral Internet of Things (IIoT).

And it's exactly in these industries where,在其他中,IDC还预计大部分物联网发展将发生,at least in the next few years and even if IoT devices and solutions,we quote,"have the potential to redefine competitive advantage in virtually every industry".

物联网与IT和OT辩论之间的联系是显而易见的。毕竟,the IoT is mainly about automating processes using connected devices with a capacity to gather,receive and send information,将智能和连接性嵌入到设备中,并建立流程和应用程序,利用适当的工具分析数据,开辟新的可能性领域,自动化和“编写”应用程序并开发API,将这些设备投入使用。


As we are talking information,网络,connectivity,data,生态系统和应用程序,我们在说,尤其是当这一切连通性和肯定,data and information(IT still stands for Information Technology)needs to be managed,安全的,存储,processed,路由,杠杆等等。

Utilities are realizing that to reap the full benefits of advanced metering and smart grid systems,它和OT必须一起工作(Lisa Caswell,西门子


As we're still relatively early in the whole IoT evolution but evolutions occur rapidly,它和OT融合的呼声越来越大。In many industries IT and OT convergence already happens since quite some time (oil and gas is just one of the many,在前面提到的基础上,然而在实践中,它仍然是IIOT发展中的一个挑战。




Gartner还强调,首席信息官的关键变化可能是,他们的角色从领导IT交付组织转变为领导开发流程的业务资产,企业中所有技术的信息和关系-IT或OT,whether delivered,supported,或者由正式的IT组织或其他地方管理。


The graphic below,from the Industrial Ethernet book,显示IT和OT的各种组件。

正如作者所说,that convergence (challenge) is not just one of technologies but also about new ways of thinking,当两个不同的世界,which have worked separately and with completely different systems,technologies and vendors,(have to) collide in the context of IIoT and the Industrial Internet.

IT和OT——在工业物联网中相遇并融合的两个世界—— source and more insghts

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